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Ed Tobin, President

Ed is an attorney and public policy strategist with deep experience helping companies, organizations and candidates navigate the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of business, public policy and politics, and providing strategic counsel to business and political leaders.  Ed served for 3 campaign cycles as Executive Director of the Republican Governors Association (the “RGA”) in Washington, DC, successfully separating the RGA from the Republican National Committee, establishing the RGA as an independent and robust political and policy organization, and increasing the Republican majority in the nation's state houses via record fundraising and winning gubernatorial campaigns. His political experience also includes serving 4 years on Massachusetts Governor William Weld’s senior staff, the final two years as Chief Secretary.

Ed has held senior government affairs and community relations roles at Microsoft Corporation and U.S.WEST, Inc., and was a senior partner at WilmerHale, a leading international law firm, serving as Vice Chair of the firm’s Public Policy and Strategy practice.

Currently President at Tobin Strategies, which provides strategic counsel to clients regarding public policy and regulatory challenges, business development opportunities, and crisis management expertise to companies and individuals facing problems or pursuing opportunities that carry significant legal, political and reputational risk.


Bill Weld, Senior Advisor

Widely credited with bringing Massachusetts back from the brink of bankruptcy, Bill Weld was ranked the most fiscally conservative governor in the country by both The Wall Street Journal and the Cato Institute. 


When he was elected, Massachusetts faced a $1.3 billion dollar deficit. Unemployment was at 9.1% – 2.3 % above the national average – and the state had the 2nd highest income taxes per capita in the nation. Believing “there is no such thing as government money, only taxpayer money,” Bill cut taxes 21 times, balanced the budget without borrowing from Wall Street,

reined in wasteful programs, improved state services, and signed into law one of the strongest welfare reform laws in the country. His regulatory reforms made state government a partner, not an adversary, to job creators and entrepreneurs.


The result: Massachusetts didn’t just emerge from a fiscal crisis; it thrived. Unemployment, health care costs, and welfare rolls decreased while the state’s bond rating and reserves increased.

Bill Weld achieved all this as a Republican governor in a blue state where Democrats out-numbered Republicans by more than 3 to 1 in the state legislature. Building alliances across party lines was a hallmark of his administration — a stark contrast to what is happening in Washington today. Bill restored the state’s financial health while fighting for better education, and protection of natural resources & open space. He was one of the first governors in the U.S. to advocate equal rights for the LGBTQ community, demonstrating his unequivocal belief that all citizens be treated equally.

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Stuart Stevens, Senior Advisor

Stuart is one of the nation’s most successful political strategists and media consultants, and co-founder of the firm Strategic Partners Media. For twenty-five years, he has been the lead strategist and media consultant for some of the nation’s toughest political campaigns, helping elect Republican governors or U.S. senators in over half the country.


Stuart's former clients include Governor Bill Weld, Senator Rob Portman, Senator Roy Blunt, Senator Johnny Isakson, Senator Jon Kyl, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Roger Wicker, Governor Tom Ridge, Governor Phil Scott, Governor Larry Hogan and many others. He worked on the George W. Bush campaigns in 2000 and 2004. In 2012, Stuart was lead strategist for Governor

Mitt Romney’s 2012 primary and general election presidential races. Prior to joining Shining City,  he left his firm in early 2019 to support Governor Bill Weld's challenge to President Trump.  

Stuart is the author of seven books and has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic and numerous other publications. He has written extensively for both film and television, and previously served as a Fellow of the American Film Institute. His book about the Republican party will be published by Knopf in the spring of 2020.